I Always See The Glass Half Full.

I've always tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I lived by  these little quotes. Everything happens for a reason. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I use to also tell myself that life can't be hard forever.  I use to struggle with depression. I was very lonely also. I remember crying myself to sleep.       However I would never deep down inside want to give up. I would argue with myself a lot about it. I had a few dark days. Then my husband and I were homeless. Once again I knew somehow we would not live like that until we died. Now we both have a job. We have a roof over our head. We don't have to wander where our next meal is at.  So I knew it would all work out in the end. It's all about attitude. Like doctors tell their cancer patients. And I've seen some wonderful people survive such a terrable thing. Please keep your head up and have faith in whatever you believe in. Life gets better.

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Thank you Tara. It is absolutely true that a person can push others away by being negative, including employers and customers. Keeping in mind that most human beings are incredibly self centered, if you are negative then the people whom you have to interact with will only internalize this from you. They will think that they made you feel this way somehow. Better to maintain gentility and poise and fake a positive attitude. It makes your own physical body work better to be positive.

I found you, (and subsequently this) through a question you and I answered "I need life advice....help!".
I was exposed to some trauma from ages 3 - 17. I pretended it never happened for many years. As far as I remember, I was not depressed. I went through a painful divorce. Then something happened in 2009.
That year I was diagnosed with PTSD, with mild depression and severe Anxiety, Multiple Personality Disorder, and this year Anorexia (discovered this week that this is one of the alters). - - - So, I had a counselor that wanted us to just look at the glass as half-full. We saw this as going back to pretending and got a new counselor. - - -
Would you care to discuss this concept ( specifically, both the advantages and disadvantages of it ). Perhaps our discussion could assist others. - - -
I await your reply. Be Well, GreyWolf

Well, I can say that I never pretend what happens. Do not think that I am judging you. I just try to keep positive cause when I'm more negative it was hard to get out of a bad attitude and pushed people away. Thanks though for sharing this with me.

Thank you for your reply. - - -
I am trying to keep an open mind. I don't think that you are judgmental. - - -
I am trying to learn if there is an advantage to looking at life as if the glass were half full. If you look, I try to lean towards positivity (wow, that really is a word).

I guess that is a good thing to wonder. I have been struggling a lot of my life and this honestly is the only advantage I've seen. Just keeping it honest.

I don't understand the last sentence (its relevance).

I meant that other than not dragging everyone down with my bad attitude it hasn't really proved to be positive most of the time. So I was saying that because it hasn't helped with improving my difficult times.

Rats. : ( Just curious what you have done to change, but perhaps this needs to move to messaging instead to respect your privacy. Its up to you if you want to continue. I can respect that. : )

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Thank you.=)