I Sometimes Work In a Hen House!!

I work in a job that basically is all women. For the most part things go really well and we do get long... as a rule. However, everytime a "new girl" gets hired it seems most of the girls are quick to jump on something she may have done wrong.(well no kidding she is new,of course she is going to make mistakes!) I heard one girl comment she didn't like her. She never even gave her a chance! Is she  so insecure about her job, that she is afraid someone new will steal her place? Of course there is the usual gossip, as a rule it is usually not something everyone doesn't already know, This is a small town. But what I cannot stand is when the gossip is mean spirited or personally hacking at someones private life! The new girl is a young single mom just trying to make a living, most of us are older so you would think we would encourage her (and some do) but this one woman just instantly preened her feathers and didnt even try to be cordial! It just seems to me that as we are all women we should be working together. Now, I know this new girl as she had worked here before. she is funny and  has a warm personality certainly everyone should have a chance to prove themselves. I think it is sad when our insecurities get in the way of potentally meeting a friend or maybe even someone who could lend us a helping hand in our problems.
windy windy
46-50, F
May 7, 2007