I've Seen His Face

Since i was born no one tough me about God or anything like that even tho my family was catholic i was athiest all my life till 2008 i had comited suicide due to some events went wrong in my life and i died for 30 min short here but in my after life there was no time i was happy loved and talked to him and he said in a loving sweet voice (I AM) and when he said that i came back to life in the hospital and from that moment on i gave my life to Christ and i know for a fact Jesus is the way the truth and the light...John 8:12 I AM the Light of the world amen....so now i live and breath christ not not religious i just have a personal relationship for my saviour and im so in love with him i dint know what Love was till i saw what he did on that cross all because of me because of you...Real Love Bleeds..Jesus Christ

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Nov 30, 2012