Faking It With The Best Of Them

Just like everyone else, I hide behind fake smiles because it is easier than explaining my tears. I can be quite humorous when I want to be and I can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. However the fun girl with the twinkling eyes is the same girl that sometimes cries herself to sleep at night. I just do not wish to burden you with my fears and pain.
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46-50, F
7 Responses Sep 9, 2012

is true, saying is okay saves some explanation.

Hi, I read this comment you posted and it brought me back to me.. I would love you to read my journey of stories from the oldest to the newest and know that you are not alone but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope my stories help you xx

Share away. I hate it when you end up crying yourself to sleep. Hugs and cuddles whenever you want them. You do have some real friends on here even if you've never met most of us.<br />

Aww, this is why we need to hug each other even thru the grins....None of us ever know what might be hiding under it....hugs and hugs for sharing these thoughts.....They're valuable....

Yep, and then you go home and your little doggie is waiting, and he is the only one to see you cry.

Why do you consider it a burden?

The worst is when you have to be at work and pretend everything is normal, but on the inside you're slowly breaking down with that fake smile pasted on your face.