School...yeah it seemed before i graduated..I'd be lost in the world..totally oblivious..just a wondering soul. After all, all i had as far as socialization was school. Everybody i knew..was in school..i had been with these group of people for's funny thinking about it..but we all seen each other grow up over the years..and now..all of a sudden at the end of that chapter-we're expected to take all that we know (or didn't know) and were taught (or wasn't taught) and accept a piece of paper saying congratulations;you're now free to do whatever? I couldn't grasp that. I mean..I KNOW college was my only choice *refuse to join any-body's military* and getting a job and just working was never a option. But're now out in the make going to more people you knew (even thought i didn't like most of 'em)..that's it? But 2 years later..i now see, it's not that bad.

Death..i thought life would slow down (for some strange reason) when my granny and aunt died. I more a way..we revolved around them! now..???

Life.. time stops for no one..and...i've found that out from a first hand experience

lostprophet lostprophet
22-25, F
Feb 11, 2009