Where Are All Of You Ep Ladies That Blew Up My Phone For The Past 3 Days?

Do you know what I would like right now? What I would really like to happen right now? I'd love for maybe just 1 of the women that were blowing up my phone from Thursday thru 3am this morning for phone sex to just call now.... Just say hi, just ask me how today went, or at least just send a text saying good evening


That would be really neat. But that's just not going to happen. Ya know anyone of the girls that loved perving on the phone for the last 3 days with me during my high as a kite freak mode could blow me away right now by just checking on me, just call and don't expect anything from meIt

It's my fault and I'm not looking for sympathy... It just feels like crap to know that they don't really want much to do with me unless I'm ************ with them and talking out my butt while indulging twisted sex fantasies. I understand. I get it. But damn where are all of you ladies at now? It's ok. It's time to go to bed.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Awee Lol

Awweee.... Are you here to redeem the English women? ;-)

I might aha

This makes me happy.... I was mostly kidding,.. Everyone stands or falls on their own.

By the way... My original response has goofy android autocorrect typo. The word English shouldn't be in there. Weird.

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hmmmm ... Maybe you wore them out and they're sleeping like little angels ... yeah right, that's the ticket ... sleeping ... like "angels" ... uh huh ... yeah ... damn.

I soooo get that used kleenex feeling ... sorry bruddah ... wishing some aloha your way ...