A Failied Introduction To Sister-in-law

My wife is in charge at home. In public we are both very successful professionals. In private our life is a little more kinky and we try to keep it secret. However, we decided one day we would let my sister-in-law in on our little secret. I do most of the cooking, housework, and laundry. I am also frequently in a cb6000s. We invited her over one night for supper. I had cleaned the house and was prepared to cook a big meal. The plan was to have me serve the ladies drinks before the meal, then work on it while the two ladies visited. After supper the ladies were to continue their visit with a nice tea or coffee while I cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen. We knew she would ask why I was doing everything. At that point I was to come in and stand before my sister-in-law. I was to tell her that at home I did most of the cooking, housework, etc. because my wife was in charge. If I did a poor job there was a consequence. If she was to ask any more questions I was to answer truthfully. That included letting her know that I received spankings for misbehaving or not listening, I have to wear panties all the time as a sign of who is in charge, and I don't get to *** without her permission (which rarely happens). I was also to tell her that I am to show the same respect to all women.
This was going to be especially embarrassing as I work with my sister-in-law every day. Saddly, at the last minute, something came up and she was unable to attend. I am hoping we will get another chance sometime in the future. If so, I will fill you in.
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Sep 23, 2012