A True Story For A Fake Avatar!!!

When I joined EP it was for me just the click of another button.  I hadn't a clue what the site was about just a random rap on the keys of my PC.  I was amazed when I joined amazed at the honesty of the people on the site amazed by their stories and I found at last a space where I could just be me!!!  I found myself writing , writing about things I felt I couldn't say to anyone.  I joined some groups met people I had loads of things in common with and some that well I just like what they wrote.  Then one day a specific avatar came into my life she told me about herself and I found myself wanting to share who I am.  I got to know the person and still am getting to know the person behind the avatar and she is fab!!  Don't be fooled by thinking a photograph makes a person real!! I can honestly say I am delighted to have my fake avatar in my life and count myself lucky to have met her because in her I have found a true friend!!!............TO MY AVATAR YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! LOL
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You are so right!!!<br />
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Just remember EP'ers - Google is full of pics of real people - how does one know that the "real avatar" is actually that person??