The Pebble In My Shoe

Of course my happiness begins with me.  The pebble in my shoe is there to remind me that I have more than just a beginning to live for.



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This heartwarming animated tale--reportedly inspired by a National Geographic documentary--follows the exploits of a shy penguin, Hubie, who is hopelessly enamored with Marina, but must compete with the ultra macho, puffed up Drake, who wants her to be his life mate. In order to win her, one of them must present her with a suitable pebble. Hubie finds a doozy of an emerald-like stone to give her, but before he can deliver it, the wicked Drake pushes him into the roiling sea and Hubi is swept away. Eventually Hubie is captured by traders. He must make it home within 10 days or Drake will claim his beloved Mariana

A pebble in a shoe, like a thorn in one's side? A little but also persistent annoyance? I'm curious too! :)

I know a story about a penguin and a pebble ...

What do you mean by the pebble?

Nice story Juan..... the pebble perhaps could also me a reminder that the first thing is to be happy ...

What a thoughtful way to see. Thank you Juan.