It might matter to me, because I live it and I feel it. But it doesn't matter a damn to anyone else, and why should it?

In 500 years nobody will know the difference.
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Thank you for saying that. That's how I feel, not saying that I feel what you do. I just didn't know how to express it the way you did. I have bad memory gonna copy it, if you don't mind. Thanks again

live for yourself not anybody else , *** the world

there are a lot of people who care that you hurt. Our Higher Power cares. You're right about in 500 years no one will notice.. but that is just the way that is. Right now there are a plethora of people that care about your hurt and pain... many here on EP ... your pain matters to those people around the world that care...because we understand the human condition and we have suffered or are suffering now. If you have no one around you who really cares about your pain, time to find new friends and a new family. I am really glad that you care about your pain, then you will be able to take the steps you need to take to care for yourself and work through the pain. Good luck to you, keep posting.. from all of us who do care.. :)