I Dont Longer Know...

the things that have occur in the begging of the year had been on of the most horrible experiences...now i am in the edge of throwing away 6 years in to this relationship..ever since i lost my monkey my baby...i feel like giving up like there is nothing between my boyfriend and i.. i feel like walking away i cant help but blame him that i lost my baby and the blame keeps going one and on...but at the end no one wins..we both end up hurt i want to walk away but then i think about all the wonderful memories that we have share i hold on to him for so long to just give up.....but then i think about my monkey...and i just want to run away scream at him blame him hurt him but i cant i love him to much....but i dont know if i should leave or keep on fighting for this relationship that we have built....:(
Monkey11613 Monkey11613
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013