“i Know That My Hurt And My Pain Doesn’t Matter”


    I know that my Hurt, and my Pain, and my feelings don’t matter to most. I know this, because this is the way that they have made me feel, on more than one occasion. It has not be often, that people have taken a general interest in how I was feeling, and how I was doing from time to time, so often I just get the cold shoulder. So after so long, I have just stopped caring, and stopped telling people about my Hurt, and My Pain, and My Feelings, because I know, Deep down, that they really Don’t Matter.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Are you normally "their problem solver"? If so they probably feel that since you can solve their problems you are capable of solving your own. I am the type of person that will go to great lengths to help a friend be it emotionally, monetary or physically but when it comes to a "pick me up" for me everyone seems to disappear until my problem or emotions go away. SUCKS big time! Reach out here - I have yet to be ignored in any way. I seem to be closer to the people here than the people in my day to day life.

It's not that they don't matter. What matters is that you don't let them overpower you. How are you feeling?