Brother Was Always And Still Is The Favorite......

I'm 40 and my brother is 42.  He's been my mom's favorite our whole lives.  My dad, who has passed away...treated us equal.  My brother was the one who always got in trouble and caused on the other hand...I was the good one.  Never rocked the boat...never made them worry.  Well, now the situation is this.  I am living my life with my husband and kids and we take care of ourselves.  We do not bother anyone for anything.  My brother on the other soon as my dad died..he and his wife and 3 kids lost their house and moved in with my mom.  They have been there 2 years.  During this time they were supposed to be saving money to get back on their feet and out of mom's house.  It's been over 2 years and they still do not have 2 nickels to rub together.  My mom is their babysitter and takes the kids everywhere they need to go.  My brother does not pay for anything nothing.  All they have is a cell phone bill and they have a hard time paying that with them both working.  Now, you might ask...what does this have to do with being favorites?  Well, my mom wouldn't have put up with this out of me and if the shoe were on the other foot, my brother would be reaming me out on a weekly basis..telling me how I needed to get out of my mom's house and take care of myself.  They have got it made...a built in expenses for living there.   They no longer even act like parents..they just come and go as if they are teenagers again and it makes me sick.  It is causing problems between me and my mom because here lately I just can't hold it in any longer and I've been telling her how I feel.  BIG MISTAKE!!  She always takes their side and WILL NOT see mine.  I have got to get to a point in my thinking and in my life where this doesn't bother me so much because it is wreaking havoc on me.  Earlier today..I called my mom to apologize for something I said to her a few days ago pertaining to this situation.  She acted kind of cold to me..and it was obvious by how she talked to me,....that all this is my problem and I just have to deal with it.  She told me that I had hurt her feelings and when I told her that she had also hurt my feelings on numerous occasions with the continuous slights...she just acted offended and I never got an apology.  Maybe I should become a pot head, drunk who doesn't take care of her family..maybe then I can get some attention or acknowledgement from my mom. 
EricaTN EricaTN
36-40, F
Sep 18, 2011