Mr. Nice Guy

Yes, you exist. Many of you, actually. Perhaps because you act that way in front of others, or because you're genuinely nice.

Girls do actually like nice guys, you know. I'm one of them.

You're so nice and, I think, ever so slightly naive.

You told me that I'm dense. But I'm being dense on purpose. Because I like you enough to know that I don't want to break your heart. I want us still to be friends. And I like you enough to let you go.

You told me I'd changed so much in just a year; don't you think that we'll change further? We've both got so much more to work towards, and I don't want to be the one that asks you to give up everything to accommodate me, because you're so incredibly sweet you'd actually do it. You could go so much further without me; why let me stand in your way?

Dear Mr. Nice Guy, sometimes the greatest thing you can do is to let love go.
wheretherainfalls wheretherainfalls
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 9, 2010

Wow! That was a really great post. And thanks for the acknowledgment. Us nice guys are still out here. And we're not all secretly bitter about getting the "friends package" from nice girls. Just when we really, really love you girls, which we do, so be careful, because, yes, we can be quite naive. But that's better than being paranoid and possessive in my book. Who said "ignorance is bliss" anyway? Got to look that one up.