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*Looks in the mirror* Hi me Lol. Well it might make me sound conceited but nice guys do exist as I find myself to be one of them. It's true that guys usually get the rep of all of us being complete a$$holes, but thats just the perception not the truth. Truth being that we are out there, we just usually don't really stand out, usually it's the bad boys, jerks or complete as$es that draw all the attention. They usually tend to have inflated ego's so their confidence id radiating I guess, and they aren't generally shy so when they see something they go after it. That may be the only thing I admire in them, that they don't hesistate to put themselves out there, but that's about it. Some put on a show pretending to be something they are not, they may start of looking nice but eventually let their true ugly selves out. They are looking out for themselves. I just couldn't be like that, what you see is what you get. I tend to be quiet and humble, I couldn't happy in a relationship if whoever i'm with isn't happy to. You what they use to tell everyone when they were growing up, the whole thing about "treating someone how you want to be treated", I actually like to follow that, if you do no wrong to me, I would never say a bad thing about you, sometimes we are unfortunate to run into people who take us for granted and step on us but that only makes the people who don't more special.

lol this picture made me laugh...maybe because it's partially true
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Lol I would love to would have made my day, as long as it wasn't my phone that sent the text =P.

Maybe, lol nah maybe like in the winter, just alot of us are shy I guess,

haha love this :) funny picture, but you guys are so hard to find! maybe because you're always hanging out at home? :) x

lol thank you =)

the first part made me giggle too! && cute picture on the bottom =) I'm glad that guys like you are out there!

Lol thanks buddy =). Adorable, you lie! lol =P

AWwwwwwwwwww such a cute post...and heehee "Hi me" that made me giggle :D<br />
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you're so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!