im not 100 percent sure about that i know deep in my heart its prolly true im scared to belive it honestly and let my guard down and get hurt . i have been hurt by guys so there for i tend put great walls up.
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There are nice guys out there, just sometimes we're hard ta find ya know.

My first love was a great guy, but I too was always afraid of getting hurt. He was very genuine, supportive and caring, and when I moved away, we remained friends for many years. Up until I met my husband, who, not so much of a great guy for me. (Too many issues to discuss here). I let my walls down and put trust in the wrong person. My walls are firmly back in place now. Having kids just complicates matters. <br />
We tend to draw towards us what we feel we deserve. Subconsciously reinforcing that inner voice telling us we're not good enough. Deep down, I must've felt that I didn't deserve genuine love....<br />
I gave up a good guy out of fear, and do not leave my husband out of fear. I need to regain self-confidence, trust my own instincts again, and work through my fears.<br />
I firmly believe that there are good guys out there though

good to know there still some out there the ones ugh

we definately still exist. unfortunately we're too busy being rejected in favor of the jerks.

its about approaching for although the ones that id like to drop kick em just sayin

if i could get one to approach me id be happy heh! lol :')