They Do!<3

I'm friends with some of the nicest guys in the world, I've known most for years and know for a fact that they would never hurt or cheat on any of their girlfriends. They are complete gentleman and romantics. One of my closest guy friends has liked me for the longest time and If I liked him back in that way I would most defiantly go for him! He's PERFECT boyfriend material but he's like my brother. Some girl is going to be really lucky with him though ^.^ Nice guys are hard to find but they are indeed out there, just gotta keep looking and never settle for just anyone.<3
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2 Responses May 31, 2011

Not true, I currently like a nice guy. But I am in love with someone else, If I wasn't I would defiantly date him.

Ah but there's a reason you don't like him back 'that way' :) nice guys either finish last or turn into raging psycos and serial killers due to constant rejection, getting stepped/cheated on, and years of dealing with women who never know what they want till they are 65 years old despite being treated like queens. Admit it.