Finishing Last.

Quite often arrogance is mistaken for confidence. And assuming that most women are attracted to a confidant man, the a$$ hole approach is something that I have seen as a successful method of attracting woman. I’ve put it to the test, and have to say I was disappointed to see it work. I however hate pretending I am someone or something else.
I was brought up with manners, I was taught that there are certain ways to treat a lady, I believe in chivalry in many different ways, I’m not loud or brash, I dress appropriately for the occasion. Perhaps this is seen as boring, it was certainly not an exciting thing to write about, but if you wait just a little longer you may see me do something extraordinary, I was always the daredevil in my circle of friends. I can be quiet at times, doesn’t mean I have nothing interesting to say, and if you wait till everyone else is done speaking you just might hear me say something profound, after all I was listening the entire time, and you learn a lot more when you listen. I may sit quietly at my table when everyone else is up getting crazy, but wait a little bit longer, and I’m the next guy on stage with my band singing in front of hundreds, I’ve even been known to light the stage on fire.
This brings me to the point. The old saying goes….. “Nice guys finish last” If you girls want to find a nice guy you’re gonna have to wait till everyone is done showing off their peacock feathers, sit back and wait for that guy in last place to do his thing, and you just might be impressed with what you find.
JoeDiablo JoeDiablo
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this is very nice! :)

Any girl would be lucky to have you! :)

Thank you.