I Havent Met Another Like Me

I was raised to respect women. I was told to seewomen as equals and not slaves. I spent more time with my mom growing up than i did anywhere else. She taught me about, romance, love, compassion, affection, respect and appreciation. But where i grew up no one wanted to date a nice guy. They all wanted the tough guys. So i gave up looking untill one day in highschool i found a girl that wanted to date a nice guy. I dated her for two years and never went farther than kissing her. Then she cheated on my because i didnt sexually satisfy her. So i learned and addapted and three months later i lost my virginity to my second gf because she wanted it but wanted me to be willing. Nine months after that she cheadted on me because i was to nice. That was two months ago

We do exist ladies, i havent met another man like me and i know we are an endangered species but we do exist.

I am a broken nice guy and i wish i could find a girl that wants to fix me.
Fireboy4132 Fireboy4132
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Never give up!

I looked for men like you but your hard to find, I also believe men should respect women an as lovers be equals and there is nothing wrong with you dear. When you find the right women with all of the things you will be so lucky that she has you and sex won't just make sex everything. Endangered species about right and it makes me sad and I am sorry that happened to you.

I'm sure you will meet someone nice, just like you :)

Fireboy you will meet someone who will appreciate having a young man like yourself. You remind me of a very nice young man I grew up with. Today many many years later he found a very beautiful woman who simply adore and love him, He was raised by his mother and she taught him very well and today he is an awesome husband and father. It takes a special lady to know how to appreciate you and accept you for just who you are.

We are all broken in some way, but that's okay. The one that finds you will know how to accommodate...promise!

She will find you :) Patience, dear friend.

My ex took my patience. Like i said hun, im broken