I Want To Live! There Are Still Too Many Things I Don't Own!

This page doesn't sit well with me.
here is a place where 1,031 people have gathered over the desire to be with a nice guy which i think is BS because every girl i've ever known has always been into confident, attractive, douchebags. Nice guys never win. and i used to be way more satisfied with life when i was a manwhore and an *sshole but times have changed. i've been such a nice guy for so long and i've learned that the benefits to it are as unfrequent as they are unrewarding. i've had many girl friends because majority of girls have had a mutual agreement to not be able to look at me in "that way" and it's ALLLL because i'm a nice guy. maybe you can say its because im not their type and maybe thats true but i'd still get a chance if i gave girls a challenge. a chase. a guy to change into a better person. now, i'm this very compassionate, thoughtful, caring, sweet guy(i didnt come up with these, these are what my girl friends have all told me) with all this love and attention to give and for what. for f*cking nothing. the guys who get the never-ending string of undying love from women are the guys who are self-centered, god complex *ssholes who'd pay more attention to girls needs if they looked away from the mirror for 2 f*cking seconds.
matiswest matiswest
18-21, M
Nov 28, 2012