Theres A Difference Between Nice And Take Advantage Of Me

Heres the problem with you nice guys- there is nice and then there is ' I have no self esteem and so I let you walk all over me, or I am up your ***, or I'm needy, or annoying' ---Nice is not any of these things.

Anyway. I do think nice guys exist. Nice guy doesnt = perfect, nor do I want it to. But it would be nice if I could meet a nice guy who also had a great personality and good self esteem.

Someone who is caring, considerate, respectful-- and don't forget genuine and authentic  --but not someone who doesn't speak up for themself, is a nervous mute or wants to bend over backwards to please me. - Just be nice. Thats all a girl wants. - well, pretty much.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Agreed....nice should not equal sap. Personally, I'm a nice guy at heart and will treat a women like a princess if she deserves it. But there has to be banter and I'm not a doormat.

"Nice guys finish last"- if they care about their lady, they do.
"All the jerks get the girls"- they get the girls that suit them. Usually anyway. (And that's ok).
A nice guy isn't weak.
Better to be the blade of grass, rather than the oak tree in a hurricane.
Maybe nice guys are not as witty as some, but they are usually very intelligent, and that is the person you would want to be stuck on a desert island with.
I nice guy is courteous to all people but will know when it's time to butt heads with an adversary.
A nice guy will give the largest piece of cake to his girl and take the smaller for himself because that is the truest expression of true love. Unrelenting generosity will win the day for a man and a woman.
All you nice guys out there- just remember that it's worthwhile being a person of integrity. It's better to have quality, rather than quantity!

Wonderfully said!!!