Why Do Womean Like To Be Treated Like ****?

Okay really? I met this girl and we date for motnhs, I fell for this one and I mean hard? I found out that she was married and she left her husband becuase he neglected her and treated her like ****, I mean its not like he hit her but he never said I love you to her, and he never physically loved her.

Here is what i don't get I mean I really don't get it, I want to give her the world, I bend over backwards to make her happy and I think things are greatr. Then the ex comes back and he tells her that he will change and without any thought I'm kicked to the curb, and she is taking him back?.

I hate this so much I feel like i'm the one getting screwed becasue I treat womena with respect, I freaking hate this.

craigslistdun craigslistdun
22-25, M
Mar 7, 2010