You'll Never Understand It, No Matter How Many Times You Say It.

You don't know, so stop saying you do.

You don't understand, so stop saying you do.

You'll never know how many times I stay up all nights with only my own thoughts for company, crying myself to sleep endlessly.

You'll never understand why my own thoughts drive me verge of life, looking out into the blank pit of death.

Why can't you understand that'll you'll never understand?

Why can't you get that'll you'll never know how it feels?

And I shed these tears tonight, not because I have ruined my life or what I have put you through.

But because I know I will never, ever, let myself taint your lives by sharing that horribly dark side of my life.

I've seen and felt how much destruction, these feelings, this "illness" has caused.

And I would rather bear the pain of never seeing you again before I destroyed your lives too.
TurningBackTime11 TurningBackTime11
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Ever thought about writing a song with this? It's very poetic sounding. Also, I feel the same way. No one will understand me because I don't even understand me.

i have the same problem. my parents have no idea that i've had bulimia for 4 almost 5 years. they also dont know that i have depression. i know what your going through and i can honestly say im sorry. no person deserves to have to live that kind of life. i hope you can find comfort and hope in someone you trust and love though.<br />
the best of luck to you

I don't tell my parents I'm depressed because if I did their world would crash too.