Size Matters Not Always But Often (particularily If You're Small)

I have a small penis (both flaccid and erect) As far as it's effect when in the company of other males my small flaccid penis has been a negative experience ever since i was shown up in my first post gym class changeroom and showers comparison. I was easily the smallest guy in the room and it did'nt go unnoticed or uncommented upon. That of course had a knock on effect and in my first 2 years of high school I suffered for it via the occassional taunts by other guys and girls in schoo;l (and out) Over the years I have been shy about exposure in the public changerooms, showers and toilets etc. and occasionally when I couldn't cover up have suffered  some verbal mockery (usually from younger men and boys) or just the internal shame when I visually felt underendowed compared to the others in the area. As for my experiences with women I have suffered a number of public humiliations in non-sexual situations (skinny dipping, de-pantsing, nude beaches, party games, etc) but generally very little direct humiliation or feelings of inadequacy when in sexual relations. However, I suspect that even though the sex was good in most of my longer term relationships (i.e. those that I can count in weeks, months or years but not days or hours) some of my partners would have liked a bit more **** between their legs. I have only had assignations with a few directly overt size-queens one of whom dumped me after giving me a second chance in the bedroom saying she liked me but she liked big dicks more and I was just too small (of course expressing the hope that we could still be friends) Another I was in a relationship with for over a year before I found out A) she had a thing for men with big ***** and found she was aroused just by looking at them let alone being ****** by one and B) she had been doing just that with more than a few while we were together - This is where the old adage 'it ain't what you got it's how you use it 'comes a cropper - the fact is the sex between us was very good most of the time and it wasn't solely due to the fact that I am very good with the fore and after play - she achieved ****** via intercourse on numerous occasions (and I am 100% sure she wasn't faking it)  - she just desired something more and sought out that extra yard of stimulation. One of my longer term relations also ended because I was simply just too small for her (she had a particularily large hole to fill) I was never able to make her climax with my **** but only via fingers and tongue - it was difficult for me to maintain erections via intercourse because of the lack of friction and this effected longevity for one. So for me lack of size definitely seems to matter often one way or another.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
Jul 15, 2010