My Wife Will Tell You the Truth!

My wife and I have had this discussion on numerous occasions over the years.  Contrary to what some men want to believe and what some women would lead us to believe, size does matter.  With that said, most of us would agree that size is not the only defining factor in pleasuring a woman.  However, according to my wife, there are men out there that have short, pencil width members that just do not measure up.  So I will go out on a limb here, the people that would lead us to believe that size does not matter are men with a little penis or a woman married to a man with a little penis!

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My wife has a friend who is 4 x 2 1/2 inches completely hard. She tried him because his wife was openly complaining about his size and poor technique. My wife was curious what he would be like and interested to know if she could improve his technique. This was over 20 years ago. Originally, he didn't do much for her, but they became good friends and, over time, she taught him how to make up for his physical limitations with options and technique. She still gets together with him about once a year when we vacation in the area where he lives and they communicate routinely.

I would make an excellent gay man. I have an almost non-existent gag reflex. Too bad for the gay guys, since I'm 100% heterosexual and completely committed to my wife.

Ain't that the truth, enna30. Giving oral sex to a man with a monster penis gives a whole new meaning to the term blow "job."<br />
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It boils down to this: If I like the man, I am going to work with whatever equipment he has. I can't imagine penis size being a deal breaker for me, period. However, being a selfish lover or unenthusiastic about me sexually, or unwilling to do the things I like in an attempt to please me sexually--all deal breakers. <br />
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If my dream guy is packing a **** sized penis, thats fine, but he'll have to know some positions are not going to happen often if at all. If he happens to have a penis smaller than average, thats okay too! He has ten fingers, a mouth, and there are plenty of great toys one can buy. <br />
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Sex is about so much more than intercourse, and if you don't know that then I am pretty sure I don't want you for a lover.

For oral sex I find it easier if the guy is average or less. Cos most (all?!!) guys like you to take them right into your mouth or throat, I find bigger ones make me gag. Once you gag, you (and he) have lost some of the momentum. Of course there are tricks around this problem (wink!) but being able to take the whole of him at once is a turn on for me - and for him.

I loved Autimoms comment "Different strokes for different folks." Seems to me that fits this thread pretty well.<br />
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I like the comments that have been made here. For certain a man's abilities outweigh the size. The woman who said penis size is very low on her list of qualities in a man is missing the point of this discussion. We're not talking about character here which is of course most important. <br />
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Obviously different women want different things. I do believe that oral is very important and that too much size can be not fun. But also too little size is not good either. I'm not saying the 4-5 inch range is unsatisfying at all. But when you get shorter than that with little thickness I can't see how it would make vaginal sex very pleasurable. For men who deal with that, I'm sure they can make it up in other ways (sexually) and the woman would be glad to have vaginal sex to please him. I'm not saying she would get no pleasure out of the deal either but I think it would be less that someone who's got some thickness and depth. depends on where i'm putting it whether it falls out or not and i will not go into any further detail

I am still a believer of "It aint the meat, it's the motion". Unless of course, your meat is huge and painful, or so tiny it falls out.

no offense to him but my first thought when i saw the name was that it was a woman LOL but that is just me

I just find it funny that someone with the handle "needitdeep" is commenting on a story about how size does or does not matter lol.

oh and with that said.....i think more women need to share their boobs with me LOL

i agree completely needitdeep

i don't think i need an enhancement or reduction. i'm happy with what i've got and i never had any complaints. i like what u said needit, it's not the boobs, it's the woman that shares them with you.

So, as an extension of Rick's proposition, are a lot of you ladies due for breast enhancement/reduction surgery?<br />
Breasts seem to me to be a corollary to the whole "penis size" thing. Many women seem to feel competitive or valued by their breast size. And most men will tell you it's not the breasts, it's the woman that shares them with you.

Yeah, I never broke out a ruler or a tape measure, but I know that extra large isn't what does it for me. I like what is considered average, I suppose. I've been with a lover who would probably be considered below average...and he was incredible in bed. I never cared a bit.

funny rick. autimom, 8 is too much to you? 8 was about my limit personally. beyond that wasn't necessary for me. what's that saying about more than a handful being too much? i know that's meant for boobs but i'm applying it to penis size today. lol

how about slightly below average??

Don't sweat it, Rick. Different strokes for different folks. <br />
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average is fine for most women, especially when they like the man it is attached to.

i think we need a law stating any man with more than 7 inches must have reduction surgery because the constitution says "all men are created equal" and i think we have gotten away from that we need to fix this problem and make all men equal. men with less than 6 inches should get a free penis extension surgery to get them up to the minimum 6 inches. this will stop men from bragging about the size of their manhood as everyone would be virtually the same and women would have to find some other way of judging us as well LOL (obviously i'm joking cause i'm not willing to go to that extreme for an extra inch LOL)

I take skills over huge size anyday of the week. There is so much more to sex than intercourse. And average is somewhere in the area of 6 inches. 8 inches is big, and not my first choice. I am not built for that. I don't enjoy having my cervix pounded. It hurts. So--when they are that big (and I've only seen one in my life outside of **** that was that large) certain positions are a no-no.

needit, 8 was always the magic number for me lol. rick, sorry, my bad. u would know more about what is the average size. i can only go by what satisfied me. my equipment is different than yours so i don't know what average is to a man. lol

If they both have skills, I choose door number 2. Index fingers should be attached to palms, not groins.

uhm....Jerrica.....7-8 inches is not average. average is 5.5-6.5 inches i keep wishing it was more like 4-5 but no such luck LOL

Okay. Size isn't the only factor, and they can be too big. With that said would you rather a man with skills and a index finger size penis, or the same man with skills and 8 thickly pleasing inches?

No way, silly stuff. Any tongue with plenty of stamina is just dandy.

autimom: Oral sex is great, but now I am worried that my tongue may be too small.

nothing wrong at all with being regular, aqua. i agree with autimom, a penis that is too big is uncomfortable and can make certain positions uncomfortable or impossible. the way i'm built down there, i didn't accomadate an extra large one too well. it took time and even then it wasn't as pleasurable as being with a man who was regular in size.

Proud to be "regular"

Believe it or not, size matters most (to me--my opinion) when a man is too large. certain positions are uncomfortable or impossible. <br />
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I've seen my share of penises, and most of them were pretty close in size, what is considered "average." <br />
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Also--so few women climax from intercourse alone. a bigger **** isn't going to get you closer to making her ****** from strictly vaginal sex. A regular sized **** in certain positions that will stimulate the g-spot are you best bet. Lets not forget how important oral sex is to pleasing a woman.

i've had a few in the past that i considered too big. so big that a condom would roll right back up off of their penis lol. for me, that was too big. average, 7 to 8 inches, was plenty big enough.

Good points, however avoiding life's reality in some instances. We could go to the extreme where many would say one could be too large. How many of us have ever heard of a man that was too big? Not many, point is there are men at both end of the spectrum. So we may have found a place where average is the place to be!

good answer, real woman. some guys think they have to be hung like a horse to sexually satisfy a woman but i don't think that's true either. i think if a man has skills no matter how big or small his penis is, he's going to satisfy his woman. some men who are really endowed think that's all they need to satisfy a woman but it takes more than that.

Well i'm not going to speak for all women, or for your wife. But i can honestly say its not important, at least to me. If i was making a list of qualities in a man, believe me, this would be way down the list. And i can assure you that i am neither a man with a small penis, or a woman married to one ;). Like TRW said, its about charachter. Just my opinion. =)

As I said in my is size and width of character as well as penis. :)

Can I have an AMEN! P.S. He's telling the truth.....I'm his wife!!!!!!!!