It Does

Especially the size of your underwear if you are going to be out the whole summer day, if you unwillingly fitted it, be ready with an itch guard by the end of the day.


Oh, was this community created suggestively for something particular?

Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
18 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Haha that is such a teenage question..never measured it, never felt the need to..

So how big are you really ..all joking aside..thanks mike

Are you trying to stalk the zipper? ;P

whatch the zipper ...

under wear? i dont like them ....

i hope he is in chanes he looks like he'd bite ..

Hehe leiza. The size of that ;)<br />
<br />
Oh no, I am careful, did i forget to mention that the tiger was in chains? :P

LOL. be careful. this tiger's moods change pretty quickly.

Yeah, yes, ja, jas , affirmative, always . O the size of what?

But an emotional one wont, *runs his hands through the fur*

lol. a bummed tiger can get pretty mean.

Hmmm a bummed tiger does not seem good! :-(

i've been here. been ok but things could be better.

Thank you, how have you been? Not seen you much around.

very funny, my friend. lol

Thank you, I read it, I was just being goofy, Lol! :-)

Floydian, that's a stellar point...<br />
<br />
Read my entry to see my thoughts on creating this space.

Thank you!