My random thoughts on the subject.

i would think that if i truly love a man that his size doesn't matter. His size would be just perfect to me. It's all about finding someone you trust and care about and then things just fall into place.

Then again everyone is different. Men and women think differently on this subject.

Technically size can be length and/or girth (width). Length would be good to touch that spot deep inside to bring pleasure. Girth would be good as a good close fit would feel extremely good.

Then again maybe it's all in how he uses it. Skill!

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ROTFL!!!!!! That's so funny, Josie!! <br />
<br />
I'm with ya'll, it's the chemistry that really does it for me. Not the size. (Ok, maybe a little) *giggle*<br />
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Besides, we can't all be Linda Lovelace! Hahaha

finally an honest woman :-)

lol loved the joke

Hahahahahahahhahahahahaaha. That was hilarious.

i agree autimom, that's why i said everyone is different.<br />
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It is personal, between lovers.

Everyone is different, and I know there are "size queens" out there. It just makes me sad. Men are hung up (no pun intended) on the size of their dicks already. If a man is smaller, more pleasure can be achieved through certain positions. As I said elsewhere, too large makes some things uncomfortable or impossible for me. As long as it is there, its probably going to be just fine.

Recent joke i heard/saw:<br />
<br />
A man and woman got married,, and the man was so in love with his bride he had her name, “Wendy “ tattooed onto his penis,, when he was hard ,, you could see the full name,, but when he wasn’t, all you could see was WY.. so,, the man and Wendy took their honeymoon in the Bahamas and one day the man was laying on a nude beach ,,<br />
<br />
He noticed a black man with WY tattooed onto his soft penis, surprised that some one else had the same idea as he did,, he walked over to the black guy mentioned that he also had a tattoo and asked if he had a wife or girlfriend named Wendy,<br />
<br />
The Jamaican man looked up at him and said ,,,<br />
<br />
” oh Noooooooo Mon,, mine says,,,, Welcome to Jamaica, Have a Nice day