Canadian Health Care Kicks The Llama's ***! Hard!

I had a bleeding item and went to emergency and maybe waited 1 -1/2 hour for it and was seen quickly for it, relatively. I could NOT believe that the emergency doc had me into a specialist the next day to get it OUT by suppertime the NEXT day. By suppertime, the very next day, I was at the specialist having this item removed. I thought that this was FAST!

I really can not imagine what would have happened in the USA if I was back home in Florida. I can imagine, since I could not afford insurance, I would just have this packed and they may have taught me how to pack this and left it at that. Unless, maybe, Daddy-o would have paid to have it removed. I would feel like $#!t having my dad pay for this. Would possibly cost a few thousand for this, I think.
jmintuck jmintuck
Oct 23, 2011