Experience the Love...

With all of my soul, I'll always remember the moment. I was tired, distressed and sick of living my life for others. He came along at the perfect time...Mikalsworld as he was known then. He told me that we are more than our surface and that our souls have a plan. Wherever he was globetrotting for work, he'd always send me updates about the job and all the interesting people he was mixing with. The photos he took were amazing.

One day, he simply told me he loved me...and I felt a glow and a truth rose up inside. He was not playing games, he honestly did. We had shared so much, many private moments. I trusted him implicitly and knew he felt the same. I told him I loved him and showed it by meeting him in New York. It was the best 7 days in my life, Manhattan is magical when it's not your home...

Magic happened and souls bonded, he became TheRealMan and told all of our friends how much he loved me. Then, one day over only an hour or so, he had to leave EP..."real life" collided with our life.

Even though we email and chat elsewhere, I miss "dancing with" him here. I miss him, full stop and wish I could fly to be there for him. I love him and no longer care what negative people around us think. Mikal, my King...we shall make it!


EDIT May 2009: I'm so sorry to say, this fairytale has ended for now.... I'm sorry that it was not "happily ever after". I wish him well, always.

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I love him and so I let him go. We will start over if it is to be...if not, we have loved.<br />
<br />

Thank you.<br />
He has asked for his freedom to heal and I gave it. No malice, just best wishes.

I'll see him in another life, another space and smile. Goodbye, King...Gods Speed.

oh I know my heart goes out to you<br />
<br />
to be in love and have a man that cares so much<br />
<br />
I think I may have found one it is not perfect<br />
<br />
but he is truly my prince and makes me feel so loved<br />
and i would not give him up for anything<br />
<br />
My wish is that you and your prince will find a way to continue your wonderful life together<br />
<br />
HUgs for you my sweet friend<br />
only the best

I am in true awe with the words you write.<br />
When true love happens, it is the most beautiful things that can happen to a person, as it did for me ( I married my husband after dating for only 3 1/2 months and we celebrated our 8 yr anniversary).<br />
I truly wish that he comes and sweeps you off your feet and that he takes you, where there are no phones or any type of communication device, to a higher plaine . I will keep my fingers crossed for you. ((((((HUGS)))))

New York, I am in Melbourne, Australia.

Think you will see him again. Sounds like a nice guy.

Your love story has sent chills up and down my spine! My wish to you is that you will be with him, when you can! BIGG (((HUGGS)))!!

This is beautiful. When two people meet and souls collide it is very powerful... you will be together soon. Love you sis, Snowy~

Me too, y'all....me too! x

(((((Hugs)))))<br />
<br />
i'm wishing your Prince will return to your life.

*smiles*<br />
You are sweet, even when my mind is wasted. Thanks.

:-P <br />
<br />
*brut blushes at Fe*

Love you too, beautiful.

Oh, I do. Okay...instead of Sorry, I will say "Love you, Fe :-) . . . "

Sorry is not needed lovely Brut. :hug: I feel that you care.

*Sorry Fe...*