And so now I'm waiting for the agency to call me up for my visa.
I'm now just a home buddy trying to figure out what to do.
Thank you to the one who invented wifi, it makes my life somewhat bearable.
Thank you for my on line friends who are there at the most unlikely hour.
Thank you to my on line crush who keeps me up all night checking my phone if he has message me, only to find out that there's none.
Thank you to my dog, who's always ready to give me a good wet kiss.
I'm such a bore.
I wonder sometimes if I would end up alone.
Sadly there's no boyfriend to give thanks to.
I'm single all my life and sometimes it sucks.
I'm 24 and bored (right now).
Oh dear God!
fosselfuel fosselfuel
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014