You Are All A Good Way...

Under duress, I have joined my own group- talk about peer pressure! And under even greater duress I am writing a story in it.......which is slightly insane.

It is really touching that you have bothered to join a group about me at all, let alone bother to set one up so I guess I will just say thank you.

I don't see what all the fuss is about, I am just little me, nothing more, nothing less. So I still fail to see where the cool part comes in. I am pretty dorky, say dude a lot (much to the amusement of my American friends...) and pretty much don't live up to the cool title you have so lovingly bestowed upon me.

But thank you anyway, I am sure you original 7 will be the only people crazy enough to join this group. But I love you all anyway so thank you for being my fantastic friends :)
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nevermind, whatever you are still my friend...and can you give a a ride on your supercar? Ha! Ha!

You really know all that stuff about cars? Do you work on them etc?

That's still pretty cool most women don't care about anything but makeup or clothes or their relationships with men, stuff like that, never see too many women that act like real people with normal interests in life, sometimes the world feels kind of dead.

Then I have to ask, what the hell is wrong with those other women? There are so many of them you can't get them interested in anything it's like their zombies or something, I used to even bring Ms Magazine to work hoping some of them would read it and realise there was a world beyond makeup and men etc.

I'm working on one of these right now

It's a ford van though and I want to weld on a real pickup bed.

The price of gasoline here in the us is out of control to for some reasion, the vehicle i'm working on I want to run on propane gas.

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Suppose I could qualify.

Awe, I love this so much. Yay you!

Does this mean we all get to be institutionalized (high five for spelling that correctly on the first try anyone?) together? Sounds like a hell of a party to me!

cool is when one is themselves loyal to there heart and dont pretend to be something there not congrats on having a fan club thats rad aka cool ..little you inspired some congrats Im happy for you and them

I think its cool dude and it can only get fabulous Twilightangle29

ya i think your cool light angel :P

Yea, I was gonna say ur a lil dorky too! lol but in the coolest way of course! :)

Call us "the magnificant 7" lol
and your sooo much more 'awesome' then you give yourself credit for!

you are so welcome :)