I Don't Care Who or what you are or where you have been.

We are all hurling through space on the same rock, isolated from any other signs of life for many light years in any direction. We all came from the same spark of life, we took form and advanced from there. We share the same finite resources, the same delicate ecosystem from which all life here depends. We are one in the same, with each other and with our nature. By harming one another, we harm ourselves. Our social brains are hard wired this way. We harm nature, we ensure our mutual destruction.

We have all been hurt, and had hopes that come crashing down. We all wake up each day and try to make things work the best we know how. Inside we all need love of some kind or we would wither and die like an ill-tended flower in a pot. So why do we see each other as so different? Why do we think we are alone in this? The space between us isn't so far that we have to stay isolated on our little islands, afraid of every crashing tide. Hiding within the confines of our shells because of what we've seen and felt out there before is no way to live.

It’s easy to decay, just stay where you are
stop moving,
watch the clear water thicken
the stream becomes a swamp
maybe something big happened
to make you feel this way
maybe nothing at all
but everyone that tries to stop the pain
finds out sooner or later, that all the good went with it too
Azureskye Azureskye
22-25, M
7 Responses Apr 29, 2011

Its so inspirational and special.

Speechless. <3

I don't have many words right now, but very well said. Thank you for sharing.

It seems you got my point, I never really know if my message will come across in the right way and I'm glad it did. I appreciate your comments Dulc :)

True it is hard to reach out to others while in pain, they say that misery loves company yet people are starting to reach out less and less when in depression. Personally I feel that as humans we should focus less on diversity and more on unity. It's harder to hate someone if you think they are like you. I don't like pride at all and I hate that I indulge it every now and then. But like you I too am human thus prone to mistakes and setbacks.

God, I just wish that I wasn't human. And I wish that what you are saying isn't true, but it is! I wanted to be strong enough on my own. That need stunned my growth for a few years.

My friend ,you have just hit the nail on the right spot, I wouldn't add anything more. Its a beautiful<br />
message of love you are spreading,,,,,,,,:))