The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth

Out of all the muscles in your body, the strongest one happens to be your tounge ( medical fact ) but it has power in more ways than just the physical. Words have been known to achieve some of the most incredible feats known to mankind throughout history, think about it. Words are wat carry out the orders to declare war or avoid it, words have destroyed entire empires, words have carried out the act of many a murder every day even til now, The Word is what all people who have a belief in God use every day to guide them in their faith on a day to day basis, words have broken many hearts, words have brought fear to the hearts of those who believed they were fearless and untouchable, words have banished the most fearsom of demons, words have helped make those who were weak become strong again, words have made those with lonley hearts feel loved, words have inspired those who felt loved to make others feel loved too. The worst kind I think are the words that can be ever so subtle and manipulating, they are the ones that can be spoken in the softest of voices in a room crowded with people, they are the words that cause the biggest destruction because ultimately they weren't a lie the only mistake was that nobody else around them could become quiet enough to listen because if they had, the destruction that was wrought might never have had to happen.

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...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...I think structured ideas are where the power you refer to actually reside.<br />
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I was once told the word abracadabra was taken from, a language "Chaldean", it was an obscuration of abbada ke dabra meaning "to perish like the word" (once spoken the words are lost but the meaning remains.)