Please Take 32 Seconds Of Your Life To Watch This...

I am not asking okay, you need to watch this.
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Another good post ...thank you Chronimax ...<br />
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as Einstein said ...Everything is Energy

Unfortunately, I know all too well about bullies. I have three children. I'm guessing you know all about my run ins with the*cracks knuckles*

i know baby. and it's uncanny that just five minutes ago my son was relating some really deep thoughts on such. [he's very upset with school right now.] ...just before i clicked on to, it starts there, like in the vid. and if nothing is done...those kids grow up to be the so called adults who were so venomous in their hateful comments about gingers. ...i know this has been the day from hell... **holds you**


An indescribably sad fact of life. ;(