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For Sure

Words hurt worse than anything ever....they hit harder than a fist,sting more than a slap,cut deeper than a razorblade....words go where violence can't go...they eat you from the inside out....words are like teeth,they eat my very flesh...and they drain the life out of me...they beat me down,until i am 6 feet deep...they cut me up until i am nothing but a pool of blood....they tear at me until nothing is left....
Words from 'friends',siblings,parents,teachers,crushes...they all echo through me every time i look in the mirror...even words from me...they scream in my face how i am never good enough,and never will be...i wsh people would just hit me,or slap me,or cut me,instead of attacking me with words that hurt so much more....
"Sticks and stones will break my bones,but words will never hurt me"...yeah right....words hurt mych worse because they can hurt places hands can never hurt...your self-image,your confidence,your heart...and the sad thing is they never go away...unlike bruises or cuts,they will be with me FOREVER...they will beat me up every day forever....
MindyBear95 MindyBear95 18-21, F 3 Responses Apr 3, 2012

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offcourse,yr feelings r outstanding! But may not b sentimental,here r only few persön who think so& hönour. I appreciate yr view.,

This is very true... i can relate to this

Huh never better? Please believe that 'MIRROR' is the best celebrity. So the person who is just in front of "MIRROR" is the best celebrity forever..<br />
Don't care about your siblings, teachers and stuffs like that, I know that you also know yourself completely. You know everyone is fake here. They really don't care for peoples like as you because you're getting depressed by their statements and comments, and this is all your fault. You're beautiful and smart, just confident on yourself, why you care about others, dear they always trying to take you down, I know these ******* peoples. So. it's better for you to believe on you. You're the best and ever good. <br />
Don't hate yourself because It'll hurt you, me and your parents, Dear just one time ask to me that how much you're beautiful for me?.....Just one time ask to your parents that how much you're beautiful for them?.....I hope if you'll ask then you'll get your answer...<br />
Please care about those who love you and care you. Don't care about those who trying to depressed you or hurt you........Decision is in your hands that whose happiness is important for you, me and your parents or others???<br />
I love you lots and take care......Hugs...

That is easier said than done bittu....