Understanding A Girl

I didnt write this, but i think every guy should know this :

To understand a Girl is really so
much difficult.....! !
She says.. " I don't love you... "
Her eyes.. say " I'm crazy about you..

.. "
She says.. " I'm happy without you..
"Her eyes say.. " I'm nowhere
without you.. ♥ .. "
She says.. he has many to take care
of him..
Her eyes say.. " But.. no one cares
like you do .. ♥ .."
She asks me to hold some one else
Her eyes say.. " never leave me.. ♥.."
she says.. " you're just a good friend..
Her eyes say.. " I can't see you to be
someone else..♥ .. "
she says.. "Go away "
Her eyes say.. " stay till my last
heartbeat.. ♥ .. "
she says.. "Don't kiss me.. "
Her eyes say.. " Don't follow my
words.. ♥ .. "
she says.. " wait for now.."
Her eyes say.. " let's fall for each
other.. ♥ .. "
she says.. " I'm confused.."
Her eyes say.. " I JUST LOVE YOU.."

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4 Responses Aug 10, 2012

yup that true about every woman!!!

i understand body language i can tell what you r trying to say before you say it.<br />
i can hear what you eye trying to say.

hmm should i block you?


i want to

why you saying this

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so true thanks for sharing this

haha you're welcome

women speak a different lagguage you have to watch the body lagguage and the tone of voice

hahah lol, what if she's pretending?? :O

lol its very hard to fake body lagguage but idk women are masters of deception lol are you a good faker?

of course, i can be the best one if i need to lol but i just pretend in front of unimportant ppl and friends who have hurt me

i figured the beautiful ones are always the most clever

hah really??? wow, cool!!! i wish i could be one of them :O

lol i was reffering to you silly

hahah but im not beautiful lol

i wish i could convince u otherwise ,dont try take away from how other people see u ,you can miss out on somethin speacial

someone told me i'm an "ugly thing" lol

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