Bruises Go Away....

Personally, since I have been a victim of both physical and emotional/verball abuse, I would much rather, have someone beat the crap out of me, leaving me an inch for death, than to say hurtful words. Bruises can go away, but words that scar your heart, can stay their for a life time. I would much rather have someone beat the living **** out of me, than say something to upset me, or hurt me. But that is just my opinion on it. What is comes down to, words hurt...

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2 Responses Jul 16, 2009

Its so hard to get anyone who hasnt been in the position of being verbally abused to understand how bad it can hurt. And yes it is ABUSE.

Oh, sweetheart if you think bruises don't hurt you emotionally you've been fooled by someone. Speaking as a child who was abused in every way, not one of the things you mentioned don't leave permanent marks on a persons soul. I have permanent nerve damage from getting beat as a child, I have low functioning joints from being beaten. I'm 26 years old... I should be in great physical condition. I am because I force my body to do things it shouldn't be doing. Please don't ever think that getting hit is better than verbal abuse. They are all equal in the grand scheme of things.