Sticks And Stones My Butt, Words Hurt Like Hell!

Since i've been through both physical and emotional pain due to being hated by the so called 'cool kids' at school. I would rather be beaten half to death than have any more hurtful words thrown my way. There is so many reasons words are worse.

Its easy to say "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me" because really, they are just words, words that came from somoene you couldn't give a crap about, but really, you know that you'll be hurt anyway and it makes you feel stupid that words are actually getting to you. Unlike when someone actually beats you up and or something, you know that its meant to hurt so you don't feel stupid crying or complaining.

My mum use to tell me that words don't matter as long as I know whats right and wrong but really, words are much more powerful. And people/bullies who do that know that for eg, they beat someone up at school,  they will get in trouble big time but if they verbally bully someone they know thats words are stronger and that they have less of a chance of actually getting into trouble because words have a certain effect on someone like nothing else, I know that from being bullied in school myself and I know what its like and how it feels to feel like plain words are having such an effect on you.

Also because words are generally stronger. You can easily go up to someone and beat the crap out of them and laugh when they start crying but really thats to be expected, but when you bully someone verbally you know that they will eaither cry or they won't and so knowing that words hurt more its more 'funny' to watch. At least thats my point of view of something like that.

18-21, F
Mar 27, 2010