Who Told Us That We Cannot Change The Past, Is Totally Wrong (what If You Could)

Most of us are taught that past is the thing that we do not have the control upon. Is that really true. What if it's wrong and what if we could change the past but because of this cliché way of thinking we somehow lost the courage to change this.

I am telling you that physically it is possible. New approaches in science and mathematics are promising. Our experiences are physically experienced only and only inside of our brains. I do not aim to give information on the scientific part of this discussion. 


I tracked back to my past memories. Especially those that made me feel embarrased, ashamed, humiliated. I replaced my past feelings with something positive. Like: "People tried to harass me, nice trial, but I was strong enough to handle this. I was self confident and I even turned this to an advantage."

So who told us that we cannot change our past is totally wrong. A brain has no knowledge of the reality. It's easy to trick the brain. This is what psychoanalysis and other psychological approaches are based upon. You can change the past. I tricked myself before and I did it again in a more positive way.

endiran endiran
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2010