You Want Me.....

Every day I see you sitting over there.. you always pic a chair so that you can see me. If i don't look, you look at me. When I do look you look away.

When I dress sexy you look more and you won't leave untill I left.

So I know that you want me, why don't you just say so?

linda linda
26-30, F
5 Responses Nov 28, 2006

small comment.... I don't want him, just can't stand him not saying anything and just stare at me

Look at him too. Get a thing going with him which makes you both really connected to each other but in a sectret way of your own. Then if he keeps looking when you walk past, you stare at each other in the eye for ages. Ask him.

Go ask the person out, if you are attracted to them and are single!! Whay the he*l? Maybe it could be *The start of a very special friendship*!!

I do want you, as i confess that i need you, we are all so proud or shy not to admit in age of when very avoid trueth we need to say not aole say, but now i feel relieved and free to say i need you, and as long you need me too, and i need some one to feel the loving nature and the reason to be born and the reason to live.

They could be admiring.<br />
And in a position not to be able to admit it.