No I Don't Want You!!

I have met some very conceted people but the one I met just a couple of months ago really blew the lid off!! He started a job at where I work and his third day one I had to train him. He's 17 yrs old and thinks he's god's gift to EVERYONE! I listened to how the towns baseball and basketball teams would be **** without him. He was awfully proud of that statement until I brought to his attention that he's only been living here a few years and we've done just as well without him. Then I listened to how every girl he meets wants to sleep with him and how he's turning them down in groups and how the ones who don't want him don't know what they are missing out on. Well, guess what cowboy, the group of girls you work with now are gonna save you alot of trouble in that department cuz not a one of us is interested in a jail bate, egotistical, *****. He's the best kisser, athlete, dancer, lay, dressed, etc... but the worst conversationist!!!

Luci Luci
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

If I were to hook up with him and the sex was awful, he'd just tell me I was in denial!!!!

And for some reason THEY ARE the guys the gals tend to go after! Why, if I didn't know you were engaged, I'd say you were gonna hook up with this lout and have the time of your life... for a few days at least! lol. Glad to hear you're better than all that!