You Are Majestic You Are A Tree

You spread your wings towards the sky,
But yet you never ever fly;

You are the home for many things,
Even a place to carve our names;

As you grow you climb so high,
You branch out in every direction;

You are but a tree!

You are a good kind of shady,
Never asking, only giving;

You bear fruit and nuts and leaves,
You are god's multi tasker;

Some have needles, others barbs,
You share them gladly, you mean no harm;

You are but a tree!

If you could speak of things you've seen,
As each year passes another ring;

As summer solstice turns to fall,
The colors of magic you paint enthralled;

You are more than just a tree! You are life!
enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
Jul 28, 2010