What Makes A Movie The Best Of All Time

Here is what I think makes a movie the greatest ever:

Stands the test of time.  That means at least fifteen or twenty years.  Styles and tastes change.  If a movie is still appealing even after the cinimatography, subject matter, actors, score, etc. are no longer in vogue, THEN it deserves to be considered.

Could come from anywhere.  Does not have to be Hollywood big time.

Someone else gets it.  You are not the only one who thinks it is deserving.

That is all.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

How about. It's a wonderful life?

That is truly an excellent film. I love Capra films. Have you watched It Happened One Night?

No I have not seen that, I will see if it is on Netflix and watch! Thanks for the tip.. Have a great day! Your friend from (way to hot and humid) Southern California!

Thenumber ofticket sold!<br />
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That says a lot, but not about the time test, with the exception of cases where the show is re-released later and does well the second time around. For instance, Close Encounters.