It Happened One Night

This Capra film starred Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable (both doing their penance for some studio crimes and misdemeanors).  It was made in the early 1930s.  It was the second film to sweep the Academy Awards.  It is unbelievably funny.  I still sing the "Young people in love are seldom hungry" line!  I first saw a washed out reel of it on WREG Memphis in the middle of the night while in high school.  I have seen it many times since.  Everyone who has watched it with me loves it.  Even my former spouse, who does not like old movies, laughed throughout.

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Found it at the grocery store for $10. It even has a radio broadcast of the story from 1939.

One more reason: The writing. Remember this was 1933(?).<br />
<br />
[after Ellen stops a car by showing her leg]<br />
<br />
Peter Warne: Why didn't you take off all your clothes? You could have stopped forty cars.<br />
<br />
Ellie Andrews: Well, ooo, I'll remember that when we need forty cars.