Shutter Island

I really loved the book by Dennis Lehane. It is a twistily-plotted psychological thriller. And the 1950's tough guy dialogue was a delight to read. There was much in the book that they couldn't put in the movie, because the story was so densely packed with dreams, action, and revelations. One thing I noticed about the movie: Leonardo Dicaprio as Teddy has this small bandage or wound on his forehead that is never explained! I wonder why. Also the code found in the patient's room, as written in the book, is greatly shortened for the movie. The riddle is incomplete. Also, I like Ben Kingsley but he just didn't fit my mental picture of his character.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I guess it's not such a bad movie, the book is just better. Check it out!

really? But Ive already watched the movie and it blown me away, hopefully gets an oscar nod, and btw Leonardo has new movie supposedly the same - like as this another mind thinker, Inception?