I Know The Book Is Better Than The Movie.

I know I am not the only one.  There must be others. 

Even when the movie is good, the book is often much better. 

Here is my number one pick:  Forrest Gump.  A good movie, but an unbelievable, hysterically funny book that leaves my stomach muscles hurting every time I read it. 

Here are some reasons why:

Overall reason:  The book is a comedy.  The movies is a social commentary typical of the 1990s with so comedy thrown in

Movie -- Jenny dies of AIDS from either stupid sex or the needle     Book -- Jenny doesn't die.  AIDS is not even mentioned and Jenny isn't shooting 8-balls

Movie -- Jenny's father is a perv     Book -- Jenny's father is a regular middle-class guy who does NOT die of alcoholism and need to have his shanty knocked down

Movie -- Forrest's mother dies     Book -- Forrest's mother manages the books of his company and marries(?) his chess coach/manager

Movie -- Forrest becomes a running cult     Book -- Forrest can run fast, but he has way more fun adventures, like becoming a spaceman and a professional wrestler, taking on such lumnaries as The Turd, and plenty more

Book -- Forrest becomes best friends with and communicates with Sue, the orangetan     Movie -- No Sue, no space program, no almost getting eaten by cannibals, nothing

Movie -- Forrest plays football     Book -- Forrest plays football for Alabama and learns to call Nebraska players "Corn Shucker Jack-offs" from coach Bear Bryant

Movie -- Jenny has sex with Forrest for some reasons like she feels sorry for Forrest and she's loney     Book -- Jenny and Forrest's relationship is a freight train of love, ruined only because Forrest has a weed problem

Well.  I guess I feel more strongly abou this than I realized.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

You are not the first one to tell me that. I need to pick that up. Isn't Conan a series of books?

I wish i'd read the book ; saw the movie in a groovy state of mind and hated the ending not to mention Jennie . Damn right the books are better . Too many examples to name . Here's one : Conan written by Robert E Howard

Don't even get me started on the Harry Potter books vs. movies!