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The book usually IS better than the movie, but I find it hilarious that the logo for the group is "Forrest Gump."

"Forrest Gump" is one of the prime examples for me of cases where the book isn't better than the book.  The book is a ginormous, ridiculous, big ball of fail, but the movie is absolutely charming.   ;)

Still, for the most part, the book usually is better than the movie!

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Hmmm. Jenny. <br />
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Well, though her childhood is made "darker" by the movie, in my opinion, it gave her character some additional depth. It also, I assume, made sense to the writers of the screenplay in terms of tying it all together into one film: It gave Jenny an "understandable" reason for placing herself in horrible abusive relationships and doing so many risky things. Which in turn, leads to her death. They never do say specifically what Jenny dies of, but they certainly do IMPLY something.<br />
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Of course, that's me going on the assumption that they did want to fit all of it nicely and neatly into one film, and never planned on there being a "Gump & Co." sequel. (Which is where Jenny and her husband die, resulting Forrest becoming part of Little Forrest's life.) They had to find the means to 'drive' her character towards her untimely end in another manner, I suppose, and yet, still keep her very lovable and someone that audiences could be sympathetic towards. <br />
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Plus, I was just completely not fond of Forrest's career as "The Dunce" or remotely impressed with the NASA-era or crash-landing amongst cannibals and being stranded there for 4 years.

Wow. I thought the book was so good that I could hardly stand the movie. So much is left out or changed. I understand the left out stuff. A movie is not a novel. But Jenny getting abused and dying? They completely changed the point of the Jenny character, and it made the movie darker. I think that is the biggest letdown of the movie. Maybe that is because I knew a few of those free spirit hippie girls who were really just suburban types on vacation during their twenties. (Moms of some friends. Really.)<br />
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Plus, I really like Winston Groom anyway.

To each their own.... I'm simply not a fan of the book and never have been. In fact, the book nearly caused me not to watch the film when it was released. :)

I'm just kidding, you know. About the gas.

Okay. This is where, if I were the troll I try to be, I would call you names. Are you sure you weren't exposed to some poisonous gas when you were a child?