666 Has Pre-christian Religious Significance


We can see that the sixes are grouped as threes. (John Ayo-Dictionary of Word Origins…trinity from Latin trinias “group o three”) and they are indeed the number 6 which is also ((John Ayo-Dictionary of Word Origins)…six [OE]Indo-European ancestor of six was *sexs, which also produced Latin sexSix and sex come from the same root origin.

Why and how can that be?   The triangle gives us our answer. Read The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred objects…pg.35 Double Triangle: Creation…The double triangle symbolized creation in the Tantric tradition…the essential conjunction of male and female principles.   Creation is the conjunction of the male and female symbolized by the triangle intersection. The six pointed star. Six comes from the counting of the stars points.   The union of essential male and female principles IS carnal knowledge. Profound knowledge. 

  What was the original trinity? The Triple Goddess:
the Original Holy Trinity (http://www.mother-god.com/triple-goddess.html)   To know, to have PROFOUND knowledge, of each aspect of the ONE Goddess in Her trinity is represented by the number Six (6), for each aspect of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. 666. Now you know...DD

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Hi---<br />
I've just written an essay that I think might have a lot to say on this subject- if you have time to read it let me know what you think---- (its all based on true information)<br />
its on indexofstories.yolasite.com<br />
and if you click on the link for the story detective x and have some time to read it all it might shed new light on this...

Arorin, please read between the lines...lllo...OK? We are talking about “The union of essential male and female principles IS carnal knowledge. Profound knowledge.”<br />
Let me rephrase that…we are talking about ******* three Goddess. OK? Having sex with the Holiest of Holy Goddess Mother. The ultimate Mother ******! Is not that interesting?...D

I dunno this topic seems pretty boring to me... You know whats not boring though? A new crimson flying v guitar with 4 pickups and a whammy bar. that would be cool.

BrutMystik, i suspect that you are indeed odd and I like that about you...DD

Very good Phage, this is a bit more interesting. Know I have also learned something. Think about this...Christians have been blowing smoke (Psycholinguistic Propaganda) around, up over, through, under ALL things Wiccan for ~ 2,000 years. <br />
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This thing at Wikipedia might be 616 and a BS numerology math connection might be linked to one or another roman emperor whatever. I read the site and it does NOT say “…the very oldest surviving copy of the book of revelations does actually read 616…” Rather the definite statement reads there is some CONTROVERSY…controversy means blowing smoke in my book.<br />
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Please reread my line of thought and I think you will understand the profound connection between the numbers 666 and basic etymological root of the number 6 and the concept of sex.<br />
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Phage, is not the tie in of SEX far more logical the some vague roman numerology math connection to one or another name? I like sex…DD

Well, there, now I had to look it up and learn something. See what you made me do? :p<br />
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Apparently the very oldest surviving copy of the book of revelations does actually read 616, and so 666 is probably a corruption of some sort. Either a change or a scribing error.<br />
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Either way, the roman emperor Neor's name can be reduced, using then-popular forms of numerology that I don't pretend to understand, into either 666 or 616. Caligula's name could also be reduced to 666.<br />
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my auto plates are 6***666. <BR>Awesome-thanks dew duster!!!! I feel much better now. I was thinking it was just a coincidence...<BR>No, I am not kidding. How odd is that???

Phage, 666 could be 616? I have never heard of this and more importent I nor you seem to have any facts to back this claim. <br />
The only thing I am postive about is that I am glad you took the time to commit on my post...DD

It was always my understanding that 666 was actually originally 616 and was somehow a reference to one of the less pleasant Roman emperors.

If you are saying that -IF- we learn truth outside the dominate paradigm then we may have the power serve our own destiny, then yes.<br />
<br />
It is somtimes hard to read your text. Please read and omit some errors, thank you in advance...DD

if i was right that i figuer it oput that man is 666 cration it self is the of what people do not realize is evil or good that they have the power to crate there own destiny.

TheOnlyConstantIs<br />
Change - YES! That is what I belive. Etmology gives us a clue as to what was sacred before Christian psycholinguistic propaganda.