Where Is The Love?

Wow! I have no opinion as I do not live in America, but I see much hatred and animosity from both sides. Why is America so strongly at odds?

Certainly there must be some morsel of unity between these two parties otherwise nothing happens.

I looked and immediately I became stressed by reading. You must be this way in multiples of 10, no?

Our country is so much worse economically than America. We have much to fight about but our fights are mostly the people against the corrupt government, not be people against the people.

I pray you find the common thing which unites you. Change is not possible if you are not united.
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2 Responses Sep 26, 2012

Very adept, seeing from outside the US what the real problem here is. Liberals and conservatives both are falling into the politicians trap. The division of the population here is exactly the way the DNC & GOP want it. By forcing the average American into the two columns, lib and con, they assure themselves of continued control. We are so busy fighting among ourselves to even see the scam.

The division is not between the normal citizens with differing views but between the ruling class (politicians, lobbyists, and the banks/energy companies) and the normal citizens. We need to upgrade our leadership not get caught on empty campaign promises every 4 years.

Obama: You can keep you policy......
Bush Jr. : We have evidence of weapons of mass destruction.
Clinton: I never had sex with that woman.
Bush Sr.: Read my lips.

They all lie. They all steal from is in the background.

And to the original poster, you are absolutely beautiful.

The 2-party system doesn't work anymore. It's US vs. THEM all the time. It's like a college football game that's gotten out of hand. We're much more interested in rooting for our own team than solving any problems. Right now, our government is shut down, and all we can talk about is whose fault it is. Not gonna solve any problems while we're slinging mud. As Jon Stewart put it: "Don't fart and then point at the dog!"