Sure, I know the difference.  And sure, many times in life the two are kept separate.

Lustful desires and yearnings that emerge from that first touch that sends shockwaves all the way through your body.  Needing that physical contact, aching for a release of all that sexual energy.  When those needs are intertwined with the deep and true feelings that emanate from your heart, and they combine, it can only be described as magic.

After having that, it's hard to imagine having it any other way.
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7 Responses Aug 19, 2011

So true so true, I believe that in this case its so easy to get the to confused if it is being pursued time and time again.wyt.

I totally agree Taken. Who would settle for anything less? Hugs.

*sighs*<br />
Just let the faerie dream then...

Truly the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

You're a lucky woman Taken.

'Magic' is an excellent word to describe it. Beautifully written.

Well said....